There are so many different types of love, so when people say that people don’t know love due to age… could it be true?

Is love not love? So the different types of loves could all be the same?

There’s romantic, friendship, family, and many more types of love but romantic love is talked the most. Human beings are all surrounded by romantic love and honestly there’s no way getting out of it. Romantic love is like a lemon head candy if you think about it. When you first eat the candy it’s sweet then sour and the cycle continues until you reach the very core of the candy. If love was only sweet, would we enjoy falling in love after we have fallen out of love? If love was not sweet, would we fall out of love?

When it came to my first relationship, to be honest I didn’t even know I had fallen for him until he confessed and I had realized by then, I had fallen deep for him. But then we had fallen out of love just as quickly we had fallen in love. And even now after many months we are still strangers. But that’s just the normal cycle. We fall in and out of love with people and we all move on with our lives. We may have times where they pop up on our social media or we hear or see something that reminds us about that particular person but once again, the thought disappears as quickly as that thought appeared. And each time we fall in and out of love we grow a little bit more because we don’t have a choice but to grow. We search for someone better who can fill the missing piece in our heart that we know we will never have back because if you truly loved someone, a piece of your heart remains with them. You know the heartache that comes after the breakup? It’s not only a mental pain but it’s a physical pain too. But that’s normal. Because you loved them with all of your heart it’s normal to feel the ache in your heart because you loved them so dearly that with them no longer in your life you feel helpless and lost. But it’s best not to hang onto that little piece after the person leaves. Nor can you be afraid to love again. If anything you’ve learned a lot and now it’s time for you to move on and be a better you and find a person who doesn’t complete you but instead loves you even if your heart is missing a few pieces because I can guarantee you, his heart is probably missing pieces too and together you compliment each other in the best of ways.

I believe love is love no matter how big or small, old or young, a person may be. Love is a feeling that at times is unexplainable and that’s okay. We were given ways to express our love no matter what kind of love it is.

Don’t be afraid to love. Don’t be afraid to love the way you love.


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