time is ticking

Oh how I wish there were buttons like this in my life where I can go about life as I please. But… would that be living life?

I can’t believe my junior year of college is coming to a close in a few weeks and my friends that I have come to know, whether it was the start of freshmen year to just this spring semester, I will be saying my “hope to see you again” too whether I like it or not. It’s never easy going to a new place and starting my life over again. If anything I made sure that this semester is my best one yet at my school… but was that a mistake? I really put myself out there to make sure it was an unforgettable semester and… No I have decided that this was my best semester at this school and with the many more new places I end up at, I will make it as great if not better.

Time has gone by so fast and I can’t believe within the months to come, I will be leaving the place I have called my second home and my friends who have become so dear to me, I will be attending a new school (fingers are crossed), new church and with that comes new people to meet, new experiences, new everything. And… I will finally be 21.

It feels like in my whole life I’ve been waiting to turn a certain age. When I was 8, I remember telling my dad I was so excited to turn 16 to finally get my license. When I finally turned 16, I couldn’t wait for the day I turned 18 because that would mean that I would be considered legal. And finally when I turned 18…. I couldn’t wait until the day I turned 21 because I would be of age to do anything. But then… what happens after 21? All the key milestones have passed so then does that mean that there’s nothing more to look forward to in life? I had a conversation with one of my good friends about this, and he told me this famous celebrity once made a speech about how instead of looking forward to certain milestones, he looks at his future self and asks if he’s his best self. So, I’ve decided to do the same. It’s no longer the question of, “what now after 21?” but instead, “five years from now, am I my best self I can be?”

So as this school year comes to a close and I have to leave the place that has become so dear to my heart… I hope that years from now when I look back at this post, I will be my best self surrounded by my loved ones and doing the things I love.


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